3. Schmuck,  Malta,  maltesischer Stein

Jewelry made of Maltese Stone


Jewelry made of Maltese Stone

Malta is the inspiration for the new pieces.

Be it the Megalith temples with their forms, decor, the fat ladies or Venus of Malta, or the waves of the sea and much more.


 The perfect spot for new ideas….


 Hagar Qim,


New piece inspired by the Megalith Temples

It is a highly satisfying pleasure to create new pieces of old stone.
Stone that gave home, was lived in and was a silent witness to the stories of their owners.

We would like to take all…

We collected these old stones and nowadays they get their homes, can be part of the stories, tell the stories themselves or simply be admired.

keeping old structures



on the way to Comino…

Idea and work in progress…..