TMW 88

TMW 88... The Malta Walls

  • TMW 88

    1. Tag Mqabba

    1.Tag am European Wall, wir beginnen mit der Pyramide. Dies wird das Zentrum der Installation sein. Die Pyramide ist in den Grundmaßen 1*1meter. Nach dem Anzeichen wir traditionell mit Schnitt und Schlag das Material abgetragen. Viel Staub und Stein Abfall begleiten die Arbeiten. Das alte hospital wird zum weißen Hospital. Die Staubwolke zieht durch die Straßen. Das geht nur in Malta. ? Antoine macht die Schnitte. Volker arbeitet mit der Axt. Geschafft… Der erste Block geschafft… 1,7 Tonnen…. Der Regen und der Staub haben aus dem Innenhof einen Steinbruch gemacht.

  • TMW 88

    TMW – The Malta Walls

    TMW – The Malta Walls  Aims and Objectives: The main aim of this Foundation is to bring together great artists from all over to world to sculpt 88 walls collectively known as The Malta Walls. Utilising one of Malta’s greatest resource – limestone of impeccable quality, outdoors. With the aim to bring life, art and culture to everyday life on the islands of Malta. Reinventing the glory days of Malta, when sculptures were a standard feature around the islands and where the highest density of the oldest limestone temples per square meter still stand to this day. The TMW Proof of Concept Wall was executed by Antoine Farrugia and Volker Hauswirth…

  • TMW 88

    The Wall No.1

    „THE WALL No.1  First draft for „TMW “ No. 1 One wall cut to put up in many pieces in a circle, for example in a roundabout.   In the first place a wall is a small piece out of history, cut out of a huge wall. It depends on us what we are going to do with it.   A wall should built and not divide spaces. It shouldn´t exclude, isolate or separate, nor put up borders, but unite and built spaces. Every person is building walls in various types.   Walls can protect, create unity and identity. Even in the temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra the spaces had…